Super Easy Way to Producing Best Orzo salad with mackerel

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Orzo salad with mackerel

We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to orzo salad with mackerel recipe. You can cook orzo salad with mackerel using 8 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Below are the ingridients that are needed to prepare a remarkably good Orzo salad with mackerel:

  1. Get 200 g of orzo.
  2. You need 200 g of smoked mackerel (or equivalent of one filet per person). Skin off or on – up to you!.
  3. Use 100 g of feta, crumbled.
  4. Provide 180 g of beetroot, cubed.
  5. Get 35 g of wild rocket, or any baby leaf salad.
  6. Provide of olive oil.
  7. Use of fresh cracked pepper.
  8. Provide of walnuts, slightly crushed by hand (optional).

Ready with the ingridients? Here are the steps on serving Orzo salad with mackerel:

Halve the tomatoes, then drain and break the mackerel into pieces. Squeeze the lemon juice into a large bowl, add three. Rub both sides of each mackerel fillet with olive oil and place with the skin side down into the prepared baking dish. Season each fillet with the paprika, salt, and pepper. Top each fillet with two lemon slices.

Recipe : Orzo salad with mackerel


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