12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio

What you may not know is that there are different types of waterfalls in Ohio i.e 12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio, but look for Ohio State Park’s natural sites, state reservoirs, and waterfalls. There are so many places. Spring is a great time to catch a waterfall on top of a waterfall, but it can be especially impressive in the winter when the Ohio season makes the most of the snowfall.

The best areas to boost the fall include Sitting Hawking Hills and Southern Ohio. There are not many waterfalls near Toledo in northeast Ohio, but there are many near Northeast near Cleveland and near the Pennsylvania border.

No matter where you discover Ohio Falls, you will be amazed at the fact that this hidden beauty is hidden in this natural Midwestern landscape. Find out where to go by listing the 12 best waterfalls in Ohio.

12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio – Number 1: Sheepskin Hollow Falls

Sheepskin Hollow Falls
Sheepskin Hollow Falls – Image Credit – gowaterfalling.com

For waterfall extremists looking for something amazing from a distance, Sheepskin’s Hollow Falls should be added to your next adventure list. This Ohio Falls is considered a wild waterfall and is unique in that it is hidden in a sheepskin sanctuary near East City in Eastern Ohio in Columbia County.

The natural resources are mostly unpretentious and can only be explored by those looking for a sheepskin waterfall. There are no main roads leading to waterfalls or parking spaces, but you can park along the roads.

Upon entering the sanctuary, you will see signs pointing in the direction of the waterfall. It is a rural area covered with lush vegetation and old railroad tracks before crossing the Leek River to reach the waterfall.

Address: 51766 Pancake-Clarkson Road, Negley, Ohio

12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio – Number 2: Paine Falls

Image Credit – Flickr – Nicholas A. Tonelli

Located in northeast Ohio, Pine Falls is a unique waterfall in the state. Located in Penn Falls Park near Pennsylvania, Ohio. The waterfall is surrounded by forest, but the park has a bathroom used for day hikes. The pine falls are freely accessible, so you don’t have much to walk.

Penn Falls is just 400 meters from the parking lot and offers great views. Splendidly, the best time to fall is after heavy rains or when the scenery of the waterfall’s lush cascades is surrounded by the amazing red, orange, and fun leaves of the changing trees.

Address: 5570 Paine Road, Leroy Twp., Ohio

12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio – Number 3: Chagrin Falls

Image Credit – naturalohioadventures.com

It’s easy to find and there is a beautiful waterfall in Chagreen Falls of the same name. Chicken Falls is located in northern Ohio, 25 miles east of Cleveland. The waterfall is on the Chagrin River, which flows into the heart of Chagrin Falls. The Central Street Bridge is above the waterfall, but the lowest level is easy to relax.

If you spend a lot of time in the area or take a day trip from Cleveland, you should also stop by the nearby Cohiuga Valley National Park, home to many other waterfalls. Some of the famous parks are Brandywine Falls, Blue Hain Falls, Mill Creek Falls, and Berner Falls. A short distance is required to see all the waterfalls in the national park.

12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio – Number 4: Ash Cave Waterfall

Image Credit – dustyblues.com

Located in Hawking Hills State Park, Ash Falls makes the same impression in the caves surrounding it, like water falling from a limestone cliff. Ash Q Falls is the state’s most accessible, much more spacious, and accessible to wheelchairs and rolls on the floor. Walk to the waterfall and pass through rainy trees and high cliffs.

The cave itself is 200 m wide and 9 m deep. At the edge of a 90m high cliff, the waterfall flows into a small lake. The cave was once used as a refuge for the first settlers.

In summer, the waterfall provides a refreshing view when watered, creating a refreshing effect. In winter, a visit to the Gruta das Cinzas waterfall is also a great experience. The frozen water at the top connects with the frozen reservoir at the bottom so that the ice layer is perfectly connected.

Address: Hocking Hills State Park, 27291 State Route 56, South Bloomingville, Ohio

12 Best Waterfalls In Ohio – Number 5: Big and Little Lyons Falls

Image Credit- tripadvisor.com

You can see two of Ohio’s best trails during your trip, so why are you planning to visit only one waterfall? Big and Little Lyon Falls is about 30 minutes southeast of Main Field in Mohican State Park in central Ohio.

The Great Lyon Falls are beautiful views of the rising water 80 meters into the Clair Fork Valley. The cave behind the waterfall adds drama to the wooded statue.

Little Lyons Falls is a small waterfall that also falls in the Clear Fork Valley. Rock formations make it difficult to see a 25m drop from this fall, but looking from above is still impressive.

The best way to see the waterfall is to start at the border bridge and walk 3 km. The best time to visit the Great and Little Lions Falls is after heavy rains, most of which are full of water.

Address: 3116 State Route 3, Loudonville, Ohio

Number 6: Cascade Falls

Image Credit – wikipedia

If you love waterfalls but don’t like the rides you need to visit often, I recommend Cascade Falls at Nelson Kennedy Regis State Park. The park and waterfall are located near the Garrett Valley to the northeast of the falls. You can get there by walking 800m to Cascade Falls on the Yellow Trail.

Cascade Falls offers three locations: above and below, and a cave behind the falls. If you have time to tour the park, you can enjoy the narrow passageways and the terrain at the entrance, as well as the unique shapes of Devil’s Ice Box and Old Girls’ Kitchen.

Address: State Route 282, Nelson Township, Ohio

Number 7: Blackhand Gorge Waterfalls

Image credit – fineartamerica.com

Near Newark in eastern Ohio, there are many beautiful waterfalls in Blackhand Gorge State Park. If you want to see more waterfalls overhead and relax all day, Blackhand Gorge is a great option. Waterfalls are most noticeable in spring when streams dominate.

The first Blackhand Gorge Falls follow the 2.3 km long Chestnut Trail. You should have access to the Blackhand Gorge Trail, the main road through the highway park. It is easy to take the path.

Other waterfalls in the area are along the Hickey Trail. There are many waterfalls along this road and can be reached from the north parking lot.

Address: 2200 Gratiot Road SE, Newark, Ohio

Number 8: Dundee Falls

Image Credit- columbusnavigator.com

Dundee Falls Beach in northeast Ohio is a must-see in the urban desert. Nature and wooded landscape make the waterfall a great compliment. Unlike some Ohio Falls that flow strongly only at certain times of the year or after rain, Dundee Falls have a steady flow all year round.

Dundee Falls water flows into a beautiful valley and flows into nearby Sugar Creek. The waterfall is part of the Beach City wildlife area with hiking and hiking trails spanning about 2 hectares and is located near Dundee.

The waterfall is easy to walk. From the parking lot on Dundee Wilmont Road NW, follow the road to the waterfall.

Address: 96 Dundee Wilmot Road NW, Dundee, Ohio

Number 9: Hayden Run Falls

image Credit – ihitthebutton.com

Ohio’s most famous waterfall is in the Falls and Parks area, but Hayden Run Falls is at the heart of downtown Ohio’s urban development. The falls are on a busy road outside Dublin, a suburb of Columbus. A small dance picnic on two acres around Hayden Run Falls is a great place for an afternoon walk or a solitary time. There are picnic tables in the park.

The fall of the waterfall itself is 35m, and it is particularly interesting to observe after heavy rain. For the rest of the year, the waterfall is very small, but the desert location is still a delight. You can see Saturn or Saturn from the view, or you can go to the bottom of the waterfall. It is very easy to visit this area and reach the waterfall.

Address: 4326 Hayden Run Road, Dublin, Ohio

Number 10: Horseshoe Falls

Photo Copyright: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The added benefit of seeing Horseshoe Falls is a nice addition to Caesar Creek State Park. The park is located in southwest Ohio near Wilmington. It is located on the 1.8-mile trail in Horseshoe Falls Park, making it easy to navigate straight and winding flat roads. The trail is in Wellman, Caesar Creek Park.

Ferradura doesn’t go down to the big waterfalls, but it’s one of the most beautiful areas in the state due to the surrounding landscape and the wildlife you can see here. The waterfall flows into the river and is a peaceful place to sit and have a picnic.

Walk the 109-foot-long Caesar Creek drawbridge over the canal before returning to the parking lot.

Address: Caesar Creek State Park, 9000 Center Road, Wilmington, Ohio

Number 11: Amphitheater Falls

Photo Copyright: Anietra Hamper

The only promise of places like John Brian State Park and Clifton Gorge State Conservation Area is to immerse yourself in the crystal clear water show of Mother Nature. Located in the park, the Canyon Trail leads to an amazing amphitheater waterfall, and in summer it’s as cool as running water. The trail entrance is near Yellow Springs in western Ohio.

On the way to this gorge, you can see the water flowing through the steep and narrow limestone gorge towards the state reserve. There are many valley sceneries where you can hear the power of the water.

Plan more time to walk and dine at Clifton Mill in Clifton’s small town, which can also be obtained from an edge test that runs along the top of Clifton Canyon.

Address: Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, 2381 State Route 343, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Number 12: Cedar Falls

Located in Hawking Hills State Park in southeast Ohio, the beautiful Cedar Falls is the state’s most famous waterfall. It is relatively easy to get to less than half a mile. The sandstone placed at the bottom of the waterfall creates a waterfall with many paintings and drawings depicting the area. The waterfall is emptied into an underwater pool, where visitors can often see them cool off in the summer or relax on the rocks.

The dynamics of cedar precipitation depend on how much precipitation falls in spring and summer. In spring, water often falls from the waterfall and sadly ends up like the sea in the pond below. In summer, autumn doesn’t come too quickly, and it can dry out completely during rain.

The best time to explore Cedar Falls in the spring of the year, when small wildflowers appear on the forest floor and cold temperatures for hiking. The best time to visit in the fall is a popular spot for autumn trails due to the vibrant colors of the trees.

Address: Hocking Hills State Park, 19852 State Route 664 S, Logan, Ohio


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